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The 211 Women's Impact Network (WIN) was a vision birthed from the understanding that the women in our community need more than just access to resources and information. Women hold families together, nurture and raise the children, take care of the household, all while prospering in their individual careers and making a social impact on the lives of anyone they meet. They do this while requiring very little for themselves, often taking a back seat in many areas of their lives. They are consistently 'giving' and expect little to nothing in return. WIN aims to give back to those women, & provide them with resources and the assistance to put those resources to good use. 211 Community Impact (211Ci) plans to use various initiatives to accomplish this goal.

Newark is the largest city in New Jersey with 51.1% of our population being women. 211Ci looks to partner with other organizations and community based groups to support these initiatives and create a safe space for healthy dialogue to provide viable solutions for empowering women. Our key concentration is a number of core issues, such as strengthening women's entrepreneurship, providing holistic health & wellness resources, linking agricultural productivity to provide food security, and encouraging civic engagement directly in the community.

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